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Roccat ROC-11-600 Savu Mid Size 4000DPI PRO-OPTIC (R3) Sensor R.A.D. USB Optical Gaming Mouse
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Roccat ROC-11-600 Savu Mid Size 4000DPI PRO-OPTIC (R3) Sensor R.A.D. USB Optical Gaming Mouse
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Avg. Rating: 24 Customer Reviews
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   Shipping Weight:   0.8 lbs
   Part #: ROC-11-600/ROC-11-600-AS

Features    [ Edit | History ]
  •   ENJOY TOTAL CONTROL AT THE WORLD’S FASTEST OPTICAL SPEED ENJOY TOTAL CONTROL AT THE WORLD’S FASTEST OPTICAL SPEED The Savu is the world’s only optical mouse to feature a 4000 dpi sensor – giving you speed and control like nothing in its class. Plus, the Pro Optic R3 sensor is fully adjustable, delivering true 400, 800, 1600 and 4000 dpi – for lag-free gaming with precise control at the speed you need. The Savu’s latest optical sensor technology also provides ultra-precise feedback, so you can command accurately no matter how hectic your game gets.
  •   WIN TROPHIES AND SEE HOW YOU GAME WITH R.A.D. The Savu is the world’s first mouse to feature the ROCCAT Achievements Display – or R.A.D. – a fun and handy application that tracks and rewards a wide range of gaming feats, such as mouse movement, button clicks, scroll steps, etc. The driver-based software compiles mouse use data, provides a range of statistics for analysis, and hands out trophies when exceptional milestones have been reached. It’s a useful and entertaining way for gamers to keep track of their mouse skills – and it even lets players share their accomplishments with others.
  •   HIGHEST-QUALITY FOR THE LONGEST LIFE ROCCAT Scientists built the Savu mega-tough using only the highest-quality materials, both inside and out. From its robust exterior to its premium inner electronics, everything on the Savu is state-of-the-art and built to last. This means you can game hard and long as much as you want, always knowing your Savu is up to the challenge.
  •   COMMAND QUICKER WITH EASY-SHIFT[+] World famous Easy-Shift[+] technology lets you set two functions for each mouse button and the scroll wheel – so you can pack a massive amount of quickly-accessible control into an uncluttered space. Who needs the mess of too many buttons? Plus, Easy-Shift[+] lets you take advantage of exclusive Easy-Aim technology, which automatically reduces your dpi setting at the touch of a button – giving you pinpoint accuracy when you need a sniper shot.
  •   LIGHT YOUR MOUSE IN YOUR COLORS Because you can illuminate its rear light bar in your choice of 16.8 million colors, the Savu is more than just a run-of-the-mill gaming mouse: It’s a fully-customizable atmosphere booster that greatly enhances the mood of every gaming session. You can even program your Savu to “breathe” or change colors in your choice of shades – eye-catching effects that enhance the gaming experience.
  •   CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT ROCCAT’s software is as gamer-friendly as their hardware. Case in point: the world-famous ROCCAT Driver, including the ROCCAT Macro Manager. The ROCCAT Driver lets you easily fine tune a multitude of settings – and gives you sound feedback with every change – so you can game exactly how you like. Plus, it lets you easily create  and store up to five game profiles that can load automatically with your favorite games. ROCCAT’s award-winning ROCCAT Macro Manager, meanwhile, lets you record and edit your macros with incredible precision. It even comes with presets for top games and office apps – so you can enjoy your favorites with no wait. And thanks to a gorgeous and simple-to-use interface, all your Savu customizing is fun and easy.

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About this mouse (and me):

This mouse is just the right size for me. I used to buy only cheap logitech mices 'caus I liked the size/form. I then bought a razer (dimondback iirc), and it failed (cable glitch, probably internally broken) after... maybe 6 months, in a lan 10 hours from my home. I thought, never again, razer! Went back to logitech and found that I was spoiled by the precision of the razer. I looked at reviews and ended up buying this one. No regrets so far. (Read More)

 Verified Owner
When I first got this mouse I was used to using a Logitech with a lot of weights in it, so this seemed way to light. But after a few days I got used to it and like it a lot better. The texture is awesome and the easy shift button is very convenient. For the price this is worth is on sale for sure.. (Read More)

This makes my deathadder 2013 feel so cheap. It's tracking feels more accurate than the deathadder especially at 1000hz. Only reason I still use the deathadder is cause it can handle my low sensitivity better because it does not malfunction as fast as the savu in fast swipes. For $29 this is the best mouse you can get period. (Read More)

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