Price Match lets you buy products from us at a lower price by letting you match the price of any item we sell with a competitor's price on the same item! Just enter a competitor's price, and the published source of that price, and we will make every effort to match the competitor's price.
Once your price matches have been accepted, you can no longer edit the order. Please contact us (add link) to make any order changes.
The acceptance of the price matches are based on the entire order submitted by you upon check out. In the event you wish to modify your order after it has been approved, then your order may be subject to cancellation.
  • has the right to reject or refuse any Price Match request or order upon our discretion. While we will make every attempt to match a competitor's price if requested, we sometimes cannot match competitor's prices. In the event we cannot match a competitor's price to a Price Match request, we will contact you with our lowest price.
  • Many dealers advertise prices that include a "cash discount" or a discount if a credit card is not used. does NOT apply an additional surcharge to credit card orders, so in many cases, 2% to 3% must be added to the requested Price Match price if it is approved.
  • Prices submitted cannot include special promotional offers such as mail in rebates, refurbished/recertified pricing or clearance pricing.
  • Price Matches must be manually reviewed and therefore cannot be combined with Special Offers or Free Gifts. Free Gifts and Special Offers are automatically removed from your cart when the primary item is Price Matched
  • Items sold by Price Match must be IN STOCK and available as a NEW item at a retail business or a web based store, with full e-commerce functionality, a valid SSL certificate and credit card verification.
  • Exact items, model numbers and part numbers must match to qualify for Price Match requests. Most computer products are sold as Retail, OEM or Promotional products, and while they are often similar products, we cannot match prices on items with different packaging.
  • All prices must be from a current date, either from a Web site or a current print publication.
  • Prices on certain items with volatile pricing (i.e. RAM, Processors, etc.) will be checked against competitive dealer pricing for the current day.
  • Prices submitted for Price Match must be from a US retailer and must be in US funds. No foreign retailer Price Match requests or currency conversion equivalents will be honored.
  • Price Match requests will be rejected for any competitor?s prices that appear to be a misprint, typographic error, fraudulent price or misrepresentation of a product.
  • Each item with a Price Match price and source filled in will be verified by Please allow up to 3 business days for approval. You will be contacted regarding any rejected prices.
  • Price Match items ordered must go through an approval process before shipping an item and will be delayed. Items in stock without a Price Match price will be shipped with our normal turn around time.
  • Value added services such as shipping, handling, and warrranties cannot be price matched.

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If you have any additional questions regarding our Price Match policy, please send us a message.
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