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Network Adapters
Synology DUAL-PORT 10Gb SFP+ PCIe 3.0 X8 Ethernet Adapter *** $396.98
Network Storage NAS
Synology RX1216SAS 2U 12BAY 2.5 3.5INCH SATA SAS 2XMINI-SAS Cable NAS Server *** $4,042.98
Synology RS3617XS Rackstation 12BAY Diskless Xeon E3-1230V2 Dual Core NAS Server *** $3,785.98
Synology RS3617XS+ Rackstation 12BAY Xeon D-1531 Up to 120TB Diskless NAS *** $6,261.98
Synology DS416J Diskstation 4-BAY Diskless NAS In Stock $341.08
Synology Diskstation DS1515+ 5-BAY Diskless NAS Atom C2538 Quad Core 2GB DDR3 In Stock $795.49
Synology DX1215 12BAY SATA RAID Diskstation NAS Expansion Unit *** $1,215.71
Synology DS216PLAY 2BAY Diskstation Diskless 4K Ultra HD Video Transcoding NAS In Stock $290.79
Synology DS2415+ 12BAY Atom C2538 SATA 2GB DDR3 2.4GHZ NAS *** $1,481.17
Synology DS416 4BAY Annapurna AL-212 1GB Diskstation Diskless NAS Server *** $394.10
Synology RS18017XS+ 2U 12BAY Xeon D-1531 6CORE 16GB DDR4-2133(DISKLESS) NAS Storage *** $8,704.98
Synology RS18016XS+ 2U 12BAY Xeon E3 QUAD-CORE 8GB RAM USB NAS Server *** $10,238.98
Synology RS3617RPXS Rackstation 12BAY Xeon D-1521 Up to 120TB Diskless NAS *** $4,804.98
Synology RS217 Rackstation 2BAY 1.33GHZ Dual Core Up to 20TB Diskless NAS *** $658.98
Synology Rackstation 4-BAY Rackmount Expansion Unit RX415 *** $623.81
Synology RS816 Rackstation 4-BAY Diskless Marvell 88F6820 Dual Core DDR3 1GB *** $613.14
Synology DS716+II 2-BAY Diskstation Celeron N3160 2GB DDR3 Network Attached Storage NAS *** $506.70
Synology DS3617XS Diskstation 12BAY Xeon D-1527 16GB DDR4 USB3.0 Diskless NAS *** $4,315.98
Synology DS216J 2-BAY Diskless NAS Diskstation *** $197.42
Synology RX1217SAS 2U 12BAY Expansion for FLASHSTATION/RACKSTATION *** $3,616.98
Synology RX1217 12BAY 2U Rackmount 12X3.5INCH/2.5INCH SATA Expansion Unit *** $1,472.16
Synology RX1217RP 12BAY 2U Rackmount 12X3.5INCH/2.5INCH SATA Expansion Unit *** $3,046.98
Synology EDS14 Embedded Datastation Marvell Armada 370 512MB DDR3 24W Palm Sized Fanless NAS *** $230.98
Synology RS4017XS+ 3U 16BAY Xeon D-1541 8CORE 8GB DDR4-2133 *** $7,666.98
Synology DS3615XS 12BAY Diskless Core I3-4130 4GB DDR3 HDD USB3.0 NAS *** $4,334.98
Synology DS216 2BAY DiskStation High Performance Diskless NAS *** $306.98
Synology RS2416+ 12BAY Rackstation SATA HD NAS Server *** $2,533.98
Synology DS115J Diskstation 1-BAY DLNA Cloud USB 2.0 LAN Entry NAS *** $121.26
Synology DS416SLIM 4-BAY Diskless NAS Diskstation *** $329.16
Synology RS815+ Rackstation 4-BAY iSCSI High Performance NAS *** $959.34
Synology RXD1215SAS 12BAY Rackstation Rackmount Expansion Unit *** $4,365.98
Synology RC18015XS+ Rackstation Network Attached Storage With iSCSI NAS *** $5,832.98
Synology RS815RP+ Rackstation 4-BAY iSCSI Redundant PS High Performance NAS *** $1,401.24
Synology RS2416RP+ 12-BAY Atom C2538 Dual Core 2.4GHZ 4XGBE Rps 2XUSB 3.0 2XUSB 2.0 NAS Server *** $3,949.99
Synology DS116 1-BAY Diskstation NAS Marvell Armada 385 88F6820 DUAL-CORE 1.8GHZ 1GB *** $210.15
Synology DS216SE 2BAY Diskstation Diskless NAS *** $182.28
Synology DS916+ 8GB 4BAY Diskstation Intel Pentium N3710 QUAD-CORE 1.6GHZ 2GB NAS *** $689.74
Synology DS916+ 2GB 4BAY Diskstation Intel Pentium N3710 QUAD-CORE 1.6GHZ 2GB NAS *** $613.14
Synology DS1815+ Diskstation 8-BAY Diskless NAS Network Attached Storage *** $951.13
Synology Diskstation DX513 5BAY SATA Expansion Unit for Selected Diskstation *** $512.85
Synology DS216+II 2-BAY Diskless 4K UHD NAS In Stock $345.13
Synology DS416PLAY 4-BAY Diskless 4K UHD NAS In Stock $450.40
Synology RKS1317 Sliding Rail RKS1317 for 1U/2U Models *** $122.16
Surveillance Systems
Synology Surveillance Device License Pack for 1 *** $73.59
Synology Surveillance Device License Pack for 8 *** $711.98
Synology Surveillance Device License Pack for 4 *** $234.42
Synology NVR216 (4CH) 1080p HDMI Out USB3 Network Video Recorder *** $450.40
Synology VS360HD PC-LESS VisualStation 36 CH USB HDMI VGA NVR *** $506.70
Volume Licensing
Synology Docker Dsm 1 License License Pack for 1 Docker Dsm *** $73.98
Synology Mailplus 20 Licenses Mailplus License Pack for 20 Email Accounts *** $561.98
Synology Mailplus 5 Licenses Mailplus License Pack for 5 Email Accounts *** $142.98
Wireless (WiFi) Routers
Synology Network RT1900AC (Gl) WI-FI AC 1900 Gigabit Router *** $177.21
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